Thriving in Community 2.0

Thriving in Community 2.0
Welcome to Thriving in Community 2.0 (TIC), a Christian Schools Australia (CSA) curriculum resource is designed to assist Principals and teachers in implementing elements of the Australian Student Wellbeing Framework. It is the second offering of a practical CSA approach to the framework, proposing ways for teachers to think about implementing the Australian Student Wellbeing Framework (ASWF) within a Christian school context, and offering a selected range of middle-school related curriculum resources.

In responding to the ASWF, Thriving in Community is contributing to a plethora of existing academic, research-based policy documentation. It is not the purpose of this resource to replicate well-developed material or claim unique expertise in student wellbeing domains. The purpose of this offering is to provide School Councils, Principals, and teachers, with a distinctly Christian way of considering and implementing the ASWF requirements, aligned with the particular vision, values and ethos of Christian Schools Australia schools.

Lying at the core of its purpose, is a need for School Councils, Principals and staff in schools to answer the central question that the ASWF raises:

In considering its approaches to student safety, does my school have a coherent, Christian definition (cognitive) and practice/embodiment of what it means for a student to ‘thrive’?