We live our lives


lead ourselves

out of story

Our beliefs, experiences, ambitions and pain. Our stories show up in everything we create and in every choice we make. These patterns of meaning make us who we are, they comprise our very centre, our identity, our heart.

And yet, the heart is a mystery!

In order to write her story, the heart asks big questions about identity, purpose, calling and character. Of course, big questions demand big answers and the only answers big enough are found in the greatest story of all… the gospel of the Kingdom of God.

Far from an outdated list of rules, stuffy traditions and stale fairy tales. Instead the Bible is a magnificent and coherent narrative of God’s vision for all of creation. It is the biggest story of all. A story of light, life and love.

Compass seeks to ground our stories in a deepening revelation of God’s vision for life.

The Insect and the Buffalo

Featured book

The Insect and the Buffalo

This is a book about the Bible and how the story it tells changes everything.

When we read the Bible, it’s easy to feel like God wrote the wrong book. We come with twenty-first century problems and we are given a collection of ancient stories. Yet these stories form a unified narrative, one that points us to Jesus, and through Jesus, reshapes the way we see the world.

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Student Leaders Conference

Student Leaders Conference

Registrations for 2021 open now!

The Student Leaders Conference is a conference for Year 12 student leaders. Through the Biblical themes of creation, fall and redemption, students will be encouraged to wrestle with how their faith and life connect.

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