After more than a decade hosting the Student Leaders Conference, we can see just how strategic, rewarding and demanding your ministry is! So demanding in fact, that up to 22% of teachers in faith-based schools considered leaving the profession in the last 3 months!

Because your ministry is so vital, we have created a series of 4 retreats designed to refresh, encourage and strengthen you in very deep ways!

Personally, the retreat enabled me to take a “breather” and connect with God in a deeper way than my norm. The retreat enabled me to reflect on my relationship with the Lord and hear His prompting on areas that need attention. It also deepened my understanding of the critical importance of two key questions – “Who Am I?” and “Who is God?”


A retreat is not a conference! While Compass is well known for hosting challenging conferences for young adults that jam lots of solid Biblical information into a dense agenda, this is NOT what you can expect on retreat.

Instead, Compass retreats are designed to be genuinely refreshing and spacious. While we will tackle important Biblical ideas, we do so in a participatory and communal way. The intention is not so much the transfer of information, as it is the opportunity to encounter God on His terms for the purpose of your personal formation and renewal.

Our daily rhythms will be slow and deliberate, quiet and attentive. Sharing meals, appreciating beauty and spending time alone are important components of retreat.

Professionally, the retreat has renewed my desire to deepen my relationship with my work colleagues. It has also encouraged me to impart my feelings about God with them more openly and to work together to express these ideas within the school community.

Who is it for?

Teachers! Christian teachers carry a responsibility to facilitate environments of formation every day of term. Christian school websites, strategic plans and position descriptions regularly talk about the importance of the formation of students. Our contention is that such expectations are erroneous unless the facilitator themselves is also committed to the Lord’s formational agenda.

If you carry a responsibility for the formation of others, these retreats are for you. We genuinely want to honour you and sow into your formation in deep and practical ways.

Teachers – Make your Case!

To help you present a case for PD to your Principal or Head of School, we’ve assembled a few points covering accreditation, rationale and funding options. Simply click on the link to download.

PD Justification.pdf

Upcoming Retreats

1 November 2018 - 4 November 2018: NSW Central Coast

Retreat #1 – Grounded