Somewhere between half and three-quarters of school-leavers who have grown up in the Church do not profess faith by the time they enter the workforce.
Less than 30% of leaders finish well. Seven out of ten have their influence compromised by issues of character.
Nearly a quarter of all Australian teachers considered leaving their profession in the last three months.
These issues, we believe, are matters of formation.
How might you support our mission
to invest in the inner-lives of leaders and influencers?



We work hard to keep event registration costs to an absolute minimum, usually only covering the direct costs. This means we rely on individual donations, grants and corporate sponsorships to keep our ministry going. You can direct your giving to support our Student Leaders, Teachers, Schools, or Ministry Leaders programs. Or simply give to ‘Where most needed’ to help us keep the lights on! 

Give once or give regularly, we deeply appreciate gifts of every amount!


Compass teaching faculty generously volunteer their time and expertise. Respected and qualified theologians, leaders, teachers and practitioners committed to the formation of Christian leaders. If this is you and you’re keen to connect with student leaders, teachers or ministry leaders to share your passions and wisdom, let’s talk.

From time to time we also need help with general administration, marketing, projects and conference management. If you live on the NSW Central Coast and are compelled by the vision of Compass then please email


Sponsor the Student Leaders

The annual Student Leaders Conference would not be possible without the generous support of event sponsors. Inasmuch as your organisation shares our a concern for emerging Christian leaders and Christian schooling, then sponsoring the Student Leaders Conference could be a fruitful partnership. A limited number of packages are available each year for approved sponsors.

Sponsor a teacher
on retreat

We recognise that Christian teachers are in front-line, cross cultural ministry. We also recognise that the environments that teachers create emerge from and is influenced by the strength of their inner lives. So that’s where we invest! If you want to encourage and refresh a teacher friend, whether in Christian or public school ministry, you can sponsor them on retreat. Register you interest below, and learn more at