Many young adults struggle to see how their faith applies to their daily lives, their work and the issues of our world. Thousands lose their faith every month and are sidelined from living lives of Christian influence because they don’t see how the Gospel changes everything.

The Student Leaders Conference aims to address this disconnect by looking at how the Bible shapes our worldviews, and by wrestling with the implications of the Gospel upon issues of culture and society.

We want to see young adults challenged to live as leaders who faithfully translate the Gospel into the culture around them.

The atmosphere during this conference was amazing! I am looking forward to going to school confident in my faith and knowing that I have grown closer to others in my team


The Student Leaders Conference is for Year 12 student leaders. Through the Biblical themes of creation, fall and redemption, students will be encouraged to wrestle with how their faith and life connect.

Who is it for?

The Student Leaders Conference is aimed at emerging leaders who have demonstrated the potential to be influencers for Christ in society. Students who are willing to thoughtfully and actively engage will benefit the most. 


Together we explore:

  • Story and world view
  • God and Creation 
  • Being made in the image of God
  • Jesus the Christ
  • Fall and lament
  • New heavens and new Earth
  • Engaging in culture and the mission of God
  • Gospel centred self-leadership


Compass is well known for the calibre of its teaching faculty who generously donate their time to keep costs low. Faculty are available throughout the conference and love to engage with students and teachers to go deeper.


The Student Leaders Conference is open to any student in Year 12 in 2021 who wants to thoughtfully integrate faith and life. This learning event is designed to encourage creative, thoughtful and motivated students to ground lifelong self-leadership in the truth of scripture.