Here at Compass, we firmly believe that Christian schooling is the crucible of generational faith formation in our country today. The Christian home as the locus of formation is, unfortunately, the exception rather than the rule. And while the local Church must play a primary role in this regard, the truth is that attendance continues to decline, even among those who consider themselves committed Christians.

As Christian school communities carry an increasing stake in faith formation, the scaffolding must be in place to support the development and implementation of authentic and appropriate faith cultures and practices.


Envelop, originally developed by Bible Society Australia, is an action- reflection model designed to strengthen capacity within faith based school communities, to help them better engage, equip and nurture students in the process of faith formation.

It enables school communities to reflect, re-think and, if necessary, re- design their approach to faith formation and nurture. It involves a guided process designed to assist schools to listen to student and other community voices, realign with core values and build health in an integrated, cohesive and continuously improving way.

It supports school communities, including families and staff, to intentionally work together to nurture and support deep and resilient faith in their students, during and beyond their school years.

Who is it for?

The Envelop program has been developed in consultation with classroom practitioners, school leaders and ministry specialists for those school communities, whose vision is for life-long followers of Christ. Envelop is a whole-of-school strategic approach to faith formation. It is a long-term strategic program, and as such, requires the full support of both board and executive leaders.

We also do Professional Development!

Compass has over a decade’s experience in adolescent faith formation, as well as deep staff and faculty expertise in leader-formation, organisational development, narrative theology, spiritual formation, cross-cultural mission, international development and more. 

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